Thursday, October 9, 2014

An Introduction

Hi! Krista Wayment here doing our first official post. I thought I'd start out with a brief introduction to the Order of Scribes so that you know what we are all about.


When I published my first book Dragons' Trust Book 1: Trusted back in March, I searched for a group of other middle grade and young adult authors that helped to promote each others work. Alas, they were all full. I tried joining a few groups but was not chosen and even attempted some joint promotional efforts but was not able to find my place. I have often heard it said: If there is a book you want to read but it does not exist -- write it. So I applied that in this situation. I wanted to to join a group but could not find one--so I created one. And here we are.

Original Members

I invited three of my bestest writing friends who also wrote middle grade an young adult fiction and had expressed a desire to be in such a group as this with me. Mikey Brooks gave me the final push and motivation to join this group (and so of course he was one of the first invited). The other two were Laura D. Bastian and Jaclyn Weist.


The basic idea of the Order of Scribes is to get a group of like minded authors together to help promote each others work and connect with readers. There are other such groups as ours out there. But none of the ones I found also promoted the work of people who were not members of the group. I wanted a group the helped not only to promote their own work -- but other works that they enjoyed and thought their readers might enjoy. So the Order of Scribes is here to share with you books that we can recommend to our readers.

How it Works

Periodically through out the month the members of the Order of Scribes post on the blog about a lot of different things. We might talk about the writing craft, books we've read, events coming up, or whatever we would like to share. There is also a monthly Newsletter that you can subscribe to. The newsletter will contain heads up on sales and new releases from all of the Order of Scribe members. It will also give a review of the previous months blog posts and a preview of the following months blog posts.

Learn More

Learn more by browsing around this site and the sites of the members. You can also ask questions in the comments.

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