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Note: The Order of Scribes only posts positive reviews where we can recommend the book to readers of all ages.

Request a Review from The Order of Scribes

If you would like The Order of Scribes to review a science fiction or fantasy book:

Send an email to with the following information:
  1. Your Name
  2. The author of the book
  3. The title of the book
  4. A link to the book (if applicable)
The Order of Scribes does not guarantee that we will read the book or post a review.

Paladins will be notified of the request to review the book, one or more may opt to read the book and if they like it--post a review on The Order of Scribes website.

If you are the author of the book, one or more paladins may request a free or discounted copy in exchange for the review. You are not required to offer these free copies. And you do not have to give free copies to all paladins that request them. If you do offer a free or discounted book in exchange for a review the paladin(s) will post honest reviews on and Goodreads. Only positive reviews are posted on The Order of Scribes website.

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